About Us

We love Games! With that in mind the 4 of us came together and thought “How can we be a part of the gaming industry?”. Finally, we realized that it’s just about trying things out. Now one year later we are able to present beemelonstudio to you.

Likely you’re asking yourself: “What is beemelonstudio and what will they offer me?”. I’ve got a simple answer for you: “A fun and thrilling time with games for your mobile device.”.

However, we don’t want to be part of the cash-hungry industry who mainly create games because of the financial value. Games are supposed to be fun for everyone. And those words are the core of our Philosophy. You will never find an in-game Shop that offers items which will give you an advantage. Nobody likes pay to win. Our games shall be fun and challenging.

Are they perfect? I would doubt that. But we have the aspiration to release only those games which we like to play ourselves. Even if we threw hundreds of hours into the development of a game, if we are not satisfied with the results we will start from scratch. And we’re thankful for every comment that helps us to create the best mobile gaming experience for you and for us.

We want to learn, create and grow for and with you.

We are gamers, we are beemelonstudio and we’re looking forward into a challenging but fun future of developing new games.

Feel free to take a look. And as always be calm, be cool, be(e)melon