Ideas and failures, fridays with beemelonstudio 0.1

Hey, I’m Aaron one of the founders of beemelonstudio. Today I want to talk about ideas, failures, drafts and our learning progression at beemelonstudio

Aaron: “Let us create a game!”

Jann: “What kind of game?”

Aaron: “Dunno something fast and fun, maybe some objects will fall down and you have to hit them with other objects.”

Martin: “Sounds fun.”

Similiar to this conversation went the creation of our first project. We have got an idea but that’s it, an idea. None of us had a plan and we just started. We believed that a few lines of explanation are enough to create a small mobile game, that was a big mistake. We held a meeting every Sunday and every time there was something that didn’t work out like we thought it would. The list of miscalculations goes from design specific things to gameplay that doesn’t please us. Besides bad planning, we evaluated our personal skills not accurate. And instead of realizing that something was off we temporary fixed some issues. In conclusion, we did a lot of mistakes but mistakes are there to learn from as Bram Stoker already said: “We learn from failure, not from success!”.

Despite the fact that we threw dozens of hours into the trashcan we are motivated like never before. Why is that so? In the first place, we realized that we learned tons of new stuff. We learned what we are capable off and what is out of our range. With that in mind, we will study and acquire new skills. Apart from that, we realized how important a good game plan is and how fun it is to create one like that. Furthermore, we finally broke out of the hamster wheel that caught us in a position with no real progress.

With that in mind, we are looking into a fun and creative future, which we will share with you guys. If you want to know more specific what exactly went wrong with our first mobile game attempt be sure to read our next fridays with beemelonstudio post.

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Finally, there is just one thing to say “be calm, be cool, be(e)melon”

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