Our first game attempt, fridays with beemelonstudio 0.2

Hey, I’m Aaron one of the founders of beemelonstudio. As promised last week today’s blog will give you more in-depth knowledge about what went wrong with our first mobile game attempt. And maybe some of you have got the sparking idea which could lead to the revival of FourElements.

First of all, there was the idea of a fast action game with falling objects. So far so good. In a few hours, all of us agreed that our game should be like this:

“There should be a city which is protected by a wizard, the master of the four elements. The city will be attacked by endless waves of objects that will fall down from heaven. And it is the players’ task to control the mighty wizard and crush the falling objects with the right elements.” Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Maybe you will not believe it but these 3 sentences were our game plan.

One week later our designer, also known as Martin, showed us the first pieces of concept art, you should be able to see his first sketches on the left side of this post. The three (currently we are four) of us were all hyped up but didn’t realize that concept art is not in-game art. What do I want to say with this? It is easy to create static in-game graphics but those are not pleasing to your eye. Furthermore, a static in-game graphic is not what you want to have in an action game, an action game should be full of fun and thrilling effects that reinforce the feeling of action. I don’t know if you can imagine this but to feel rewarded you have to feel the impact of your plays. And as dumb as it sounds the easiest way to make you feel that impact is to overwhelm you with flashy effects, a good example for this would be CandyCrush.

On the one hand, I agree that we could acquire the knowledge and learn to animate and create particle effects, on the other hand, I would doubt that we could get quickly to a level in which we are able to create that kind of animation and level design that we want for FourElements. Besides Martin, none of us is graphical talented and with just one artist who is packed with work from his studies (which unlikely do not imply to animate 2D/3D), we didn’t saw a future in this project. However, that does not mean that we are afraid of animations and particle effects. We want to learn and enhance our skills but in smaller packages.

We learned that one of the hardest parts of a game is the look. With that in mind, our next mobile game attempt will be less graphically challenging but shine through good game mechanics.

Finally, there is just one thing to say “be calm, be cool, be(e)melon”


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