Project managament tools, fridays with beemelonstudio 0.3

Hey, I’m Aaron one of the founders of beemelonstudio. And today’s blog is about project management.

Imagine you and your friends want to throw a party. You come to the agreement that your friend Bill will get the drinks especially a lot of Dutch beer because that is your favorite brew. Paul is responsible for the nibbles, he should buy a lot of crackers and a small pizza. Finally, it is Friday and all of you come together to make the final preparations for the best Party of the year but what is that!? German beer and large pizza!? How could this happen? Didn’t you agree to buy Dutch beer and small pizza? Paul and Bill simply forgot your agreements.

I guess anyone found him- or herself in a situation like this, whether it is a school project, Fridays party planning or a meeting at your job. Although it is easy to avoid such mistakes. Today I will tell you how we at beemelonstudio handle these things.

First of all the software. Isn’t it nice that there is an app for every situation in life? The apps which we found handy are Google Docs, Trello and Google Calendar. Trello is our go-to app when it comes to project planning with Trello you are able to set up a project, invite all important members, grant them specific rights and create new boards which represent subprojects. In our case, we have got the project beemelonstudio and the subprojects beemelonstudio overall, new project ideas, and so on. In these subprojects, it is possible to make a list, for example the subproject “beemelonstudio overall” (as you can see on the picture) got the lists logo, fonts, weekly meetings, and other. In a list you are able to set deadlines, checklists, load up files, comment on the lists content and much more. As you can see Trello gives you all the features to organize your projects and it is free to use. You don’t have to pay money for it!

The next on the list would be Google Docs, Google Docs is pretty handy if you want to create online text files. Those text files could be anything but we at beemelonstudio use them mostly for meeting notes, new ideas that have to be written down, game plans and so on. The cool thing about Google Docs is that it is free to use, saves any change immediately, it is online accessible and you can share it pretty easy and grand the user specific rights like “Bill can only comment on the side”, “Paul can change the text file” and so on. Furthermore it is customizable. We think it is the easiest way to write down your thoughts and share them with your team. And the best thing, there are no options for excuses like “I didn’t know that we want to change the background into green.” because everyone can look up the content of the last discussion, as long as you didn’t forget to write it down. The same goes for Google Calendar, as long as everyone got a google account you can invite them to your appointments. Only one member of your team has to maintain your calendar so it won’t come to misunderstandings.

But there is one thing which the software can’t take care off, your laziness. So, in the end, it is your job to manage all those tools but if you do you can say goodbye to a lot off misunderstandings and see into a bright and organized future of your project.

Finally, there is just one thing to say “be calm, be cool, be(e)melon”

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