The DevLan ,fridays with beemelonstudio 0.4

Hey, I’m Aaron one of the founders of beemelonstudio. And today’s blog is about development parties.

Did you ever hear of a LAN party? A party where all kind of gamers come together to play pc-games? Weird isn’t it? Couldn’t they play together while sitting in their cozy chairs at home and talk through a voice program like discord? Of course, they could but isn’t it nice to see your gaming friends in person, isn’t it more efficient to sit together for hours and grind that one dungeon to the limit? We think so. Based on our positive lan party experience we thought “let’s throw a development “lan” party”. And that’s what we call the birth of our DevLans.

Once in a while, we come together with our pcs or Notebooks, tons of food, an ocean of coffee and lots of ambition. Instead of dungeons, we grind ideas and projects. Since beemelonstudio is a side project of ours, those DevLans help us immensely to keep up with our work and stay close to each other. DevLans are not always very productive within the meaning of our daily goal like: “Today we want to finish object 1,2,3” but it is nice to come together and talk during work. We, the team of beemelonstudio thinks it is important to meet your friends and fellows and have a good time. In case of motivation, productivity and innovation happiness does play one of the biggest roles. To sum up, I or we can say that DevLans are amazing and perfect for small groups of people that don’t see each other a lot and work mostly through voice programs and other tools like Trello. If you don’t know what I mean with Trello you should read our last blog about project management tools!

Finally, there is just one thing to say “be calm, be cool, be(e)melon”

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