What a year

2017, what a year. We can look back to months full of failure, miscalculations and freaking good feelings. All of this started in July when 3 friends came together and thought about a career in the video game industry. There was only one problem, none of them had a completed apprenticeship to really work at a game development studio and on the other hand, all of them want to create something they really like. With that in mind those 3 friends, in other words, Aaron, Martin and Jann the founders of beemelonstudio came to the conclusion to establish their own game development studio. Now there’s only one thing left, the name. After a while (a long while) we finally got an idea, beemelonstudio should it be. We thought it sounds cool and is easy to remember.

After the name, we finally thought about a game and created our first “game plan” which contained literally about 5 or 10 lines of explanations. If you want to read more about our first big failure and what we learned by this make sure to read our blog posts about ideas and failures and about our first game attempt. But even if our first game plan didn’t bring the results that we wanted we were motivated more then ever. We realized that there is much more needed to create a game and we had to swallow the bitter pill that our skills aren’t that good or better said that video games aren’t made in a couple hours of coding. Even though we were filled with good feelings and pride, in some way we did create our first game even if it’s just on our own smartphones and even if it’s not as good as we thought it would be. With time we got more and more professional, we found tools that help us to manage our work as a team if you’re interested in those tools make sure to check out our blog post about project management tools. As a team, we can say that our way feels great even if we failed a lot and got nothing real in our hands we know our destination and we’re fueled by motivation and enthusiasm. After a while Cedric, our fourth team member joined beemelonstudio, he helps Jann (our lead IT guy) out and assists him with his knowledge.
2018 will be the year of our first release! That’s for sure. But not only that, we want to aim even higher and write new and better game plans, we want to become more and more professional. On the other hand, we want and we need to integrate beemelonstudio better into our daily routine. At this time beemelonstudio is a hobby for all of us but it’s some kind of dream to really work for beemelonstudio and be able to create games and other content that pays for our bills.

We hope that you guys will walk this amazing path with us. 2018 will be our year.

Finally, there is just one thing to say “be calm, be cool, be(e)melon”

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