The Team

Our Computer Science Staff

Jann is one of the founders¬†of beemelonstudio and a wholehearted application developer. When he isn’t working on some IT related things he’s the typical¬†small village guy, he plays football, is an amateur actor and helps out as a volunteer firefighter.
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Cedric joined us in October and helps Jann with the coding. Currently he studies Computer Science and is what you would call a huge Nerd, he loves the warhammer 40k tabletop-game, Star Wars, Metal Music and of course videogames.
If you want to learn more about Cedric make sure to check out your local tabletop stores.







The Artist

Martin is also one of the founders of beemelonstudio and the heart and soul of all graphical related. Currently, he’s studying communication design. If you ever stumble over his Instagram site you’ll realize that he loves to take pictures and work with them. Furthermore he loves to watch movies (especially the creepy ones) and has quite a big collection of those. Martin is a typical artist, all of you that know one, know what I mean.
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The Team Leader

Aaron is the third and last founder of beemelonstudio and the economist of the small team. He does most of the organizational matters, legal obligations, marketing and so on. In his free time he loves to cook, play MMORPGs, livestream or to create youtube videos. Also he’s a fan of the digitalization and the other team members have to endure all of his new tools and methods.
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